Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Strategic Talent Building

We partner with people-centric organizations to develop exceptional communication skills in high-potential individuals.

Rebecca has an innate ability to quickly assess an individual’s communication strengths and weaknesses and set out a clear path to improvement. She works exclusively with your organization’s key talent to build purposeful and thoughtful communication strategies that will increase their impact on your business.

My Approach

Individual Development

The cornerstone of the Esposito approach. Deep training focused on developing each individual and their individual communication style based on their personal communication strengths. There are no magic bullets, only dedicated, intentional work. Dynamic practice improves content and delivery exponentially.

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My Philosophy

Lasting Impact

I am dedicated to the development of key talent. I believe in long-term partnerships that offer a lasting impact to the individual and the organization. My approach to development is based up on leveraging an individual’s personal strengths and helping them find their authentic voice. My classes develop people individually and collectively.

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Our vision has always been to create a partnership with people-centric organizations that believe deeply that people make the difference in their organization. This belief, combined with an obsessive focus on individual skill development and growth opportunities are where we intersect.

My philosophy

Maximize Your Strengths

What differentiates my approach is my obsession with helping you identify and maximize your individual style.

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