Crafting the Story

Crafting the Story

Learn to deliver talks that address the actual business issue without depending on a deck of mediocre slides.

This program is good for execs with overcharged analytical acumen (great at crunching and understanding data, not so great at presenting that data to others) and execs who successfully “wing it” in presentations but don’t take time to build a story with relevant data and facts.

"Your program was truly motivating for me and reconfirmed my desire to want to be in a profession where I can truly help people on a day-to-day basis. You gave these ladies a very rare thing—confidence, awareness, and the desire to be the best they can be."

Jen, Communications Industry

What to expect

Program Features

Understand your Audience.
Quickly gain an intimate knowledge of the audience and their specific needs. Improve data retention among your audience by communicating directly with them instead of speaking through the content. Gain clarity on how to determine the best communication approach for a particular topic or issue.

Incorporate Data.
Determine what data will best frame the story and solidify core elements with data that is memorable. Understand what the numbers are saying and allow the important numbers to jump out of the story. Create visual aids that enhance the data’s impact but do not get in the way.

Identify the “Real” Issue(s).
Clearly articulate the big issue. Identify sub-issues and their implications. Understand perceptions surrounding the issue. Hone the ability to understand integral steps that occur before and after the actual dialog.