Lead, Inspire & Grow

Below is a selection of reading materials we find insightful and inspirational.

Unreasonable Hospitality Book Cover

Unreasonable Hospitality

by Will Guidara

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Daily Laws

by Robert Green

A Calendar of Wisdom

by Leo Tolstoy

Courage is Calling

by Ryan Holiday

Ego is the Enemy

by Ryan Holiday

The Montessori Method

by Maria Montessori

How To Think Like a Roman Emperor

by Donald J. Robertson

Great at Work

by Morten Hansen

Think Again

by Adam Grant

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

Dare to Lead

by Brene Brown

You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned

by Swen Later & Ronald Gallimore

Practice Perfect

by Doug Lemov


by Angela Duckworth


by Dan Heath

The Power of Moments

by Chip Heath

The Talent Code

by Daniel Coyle

Crucial Conversations

by Paterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler

The Practicing Mind

by Thomas Sterner


by George Leonard