Executive Communication and Command

Learn to communicate from a place of strength in any situation.

This 4 morning virtual class program is good for high-potentials and key talent who have mastered the basics of their work and are ready to grow to the next level. Practice and individual reflection is a key component of the Executive Command program.

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Executive Coaching

For wickedly smart and creative individuals who need to become more confident in their ability to think on their feet.

Through individual coaching, rising stars gain an understanding of what the next level in their career looks like and gives them an opportunity and place to practice operating in that space.

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Executive Image

This frank and candid session will help you gain a better understanding of what a successful, commanding individual looks like in your industry and organization.

You will leave with concrete ideas about how to ensure you are sending the message you want to communicate in any situation through your authentic look. Great for people in industries where image matters and defines success.

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Crafting the Story

Learn to deliver talks that address the actual business issue without depending on a deck of mediocre slides.

This program is good for execs with overcharged analytical acumen (great at crunching and understanding data, not so great at presenting that data to others) and execs who successfully “wing it” in presentations but don’t take time to build a story with relevant data and facts.

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