Executive Presence

Executive Presence

This frank and candid session will help you gain a better understanding of what a successful, commanding individual looks like in your industry and organization.

You will leave with concrete ideas about how to ensure you are sending the message you want to communicate in any situation through your authentic look. Great for people in industries where image matters and defines success.

"Your sessions were great. I was very impressed by how you handled the class and moved it along. I've had several members of your class actually contact me to tell me how great your class was. That's a first."

Judy, Communications Industry

What to expect

Program Features

Define ground rules for your industry.
You signed up for a certain “uniform” when you were hired. Learn how create a look that is authentic but appropriate to your organization.

Build a functional, authentic wardrobe.
Learn how to identify foundation pieces for your wardrobe.

Recognize what plays into “image”.
Understand the true importance of promptness, handshakes, eye contact and smiling. When are “thank you” notes, emails, or follow up phone calls appropriate?