Rebecca Esposito

Founder / Trainer / Coach

Rebecca has an innate ability to quickly assess an individual’s communication strengths and weaknesses and set out a clear path to improvement. She has over 20 years of experience helping rising stars across a wide spectrum of industries find their unique voice and do the hard work of improving their communication and influence skills. Utilizing an honest approach, Rebecca encourages and motivates her clients to achieve their potential.

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Danny Esposito


Danny brings an intense passion for building strong, mutually-valuable relationships to Rebecca’s team. He believes that people choose to do business with other people, not with organizations, thus personal relationships are the key to success.

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Ashley Boucher


For many people home is where the heart is; for Ashley her heart is color coordinated and neatly placed in her closet. From an early age, Ashley was able to express her identity through her wardrobe. With experience and natural habit, Ashley has developed an innate ability to guide others on their personal wardrobe journeys. After studying Fashion Merchandising and International Business at the University of North Texas, Ashley took the opportunity to expand her knowledge of the industry through hands-on experience with various companies in Asia and Europe.

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Christine Bech headshot

Christine Bech


Christine was born on the 4th of July and her energy and zest for life reflects all of the joy and excitement the holiday demands. Christine, along with her husband and two children, have a lake house outside of Austin and can often be found boating on the lake enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. She loves watching sporting events and is particularly fond of the TCU Horned Frogs (a direct clash with Rebecca Esposito’s beloved Longhorns!). When she is not watching sports or out on the lake, Christine can be found visiting wineries or trying out new restaurants.

Following a distinguished corporate career, Christine launched her own marketing consulting firm. She specializes in crafting proposals and clear communication strategies designed to secure funds for a wide range of projects including venture funding, internal projects and sales initiatives. Christine’s uncanny ability to problem solve has led many corporations to reach out to her when they have hit a crossroads with an issue. Years ago, she was nicknamed MacGyver for her resourcefulness and ability to solve problems seemingly from thin air.

In addition to her family and professional life, Christine is passionate about her community. She stays actively engaged in multiple civic organizations and focuses her attention on important issues involving women and children.